The BBA its mission through three points of ministry:

The Associational Missionary

Ministry Teams

Affinity Groups

The Missionary's work includes:

Encouraging, supporting, and coaching pastors and church staff members.

Serving as a consultant or coach for the churches.

Facilitating alignment of BBA ministries with associational vision and goals.

Facilitating movement of BBA ministries toward fulfillment of the vision and goals.

Informing churches and leaders about opportunities and resources for fulfilling the Great Commission.
Associational Ministry Teams are the primary means for fulfilling associational ministries.

The Church Health and Support Team assists churches in alll matters related to effective ministry.

The Cooperative Ministries Team assists churches by providing a platform through which they may collaborate to perform ministries typically beyond the reach of a single congregation.

Affinity Groups stand out as an investment in current and future leaders. They include any group of leaders within the association that share a common need or interest.

* Current working affinity groups include youth ministers and pastors. If you have identified a need you would like to address with your ministry counterparts, Bro. Jim will gladly facilitate any connections.

We live by faith, not by sight. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:7