Evangelistic Event Trailer

The Evangelistic Event Trailer is a resource of the Bowie Baptist Association to assist churches in reaching their communities for Christ. It is equipped with the core elements a church would need to host an evangelistic event such as a block party or sports camp.

The trailer is available on a first come, first served basis. Reservations are confirmed upon reciept of $150 (per event), $50 of which is refundable upon return of the trailer and equipment in clean, working order.

To schedule the trailer for your event:
1) Call the BBA office to confirm the trailer's availability on your preferred date(s).
2) Upon confirmation of the trailer's availability, your date will be tentatively held, pending completion of the User Agreement.
3) Upon reciept of the completed User Agreement and the $150 user fee, your date is secured. Churches have 7 days to submit these to the BBA, after which the date will be reopened for others to use the equipment.
4) Please plan when scheduling the trailer to pick-up and return the trailer.
5) $50 of the user fee is returned to your church upon return of the trailer and contents in clean, working condition.

Download the User Agreement and Evangelism Trailer policies from the document downloads portion of this site.

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