Greetings from Sagay City, Negros Occidental, Republic of the Philippines. I am here with a team from First Baptist Church of Wake Village, witnessing God's movement and exploring how churches of the BBA might join in His work among the Filipino people.

I wish you could meet the people we've met since our arrival. The Filipino must be among the world's friendliest.

I am especially moved by the pastors we met, men vibrant in their faith and sacrificial in dedication. While a few receive full support from their congregations, most are bivocational. Still, aside from leading Sunday worship and ministering to their members, they are discipling believers, ministering in the schools, and serving public officials. Some do street evangelism and needs based ministry. All manage with the most humble of church facilities.

What's amazing is how these men serve and never complain. In fact, learning their needs so we might partner with them is like pulling teeth. With an upbeat spirit and steadfast dedication, they serve - they joyfully work hard for the glory of Christ.

The spirit of these pastors challenges me. We often look so grumpy in the church. We complain about our problems, all the while having conveniences most people on earth lack.

Perhaps we should learn from our Filipino brothers. Trust your needs to the Lord, but gladly serve him with joy and contentment in all circumstances, knowing that our trust in Him is never in vain.

Think about it. I'll share more about the Philippines and other opportunities, including the upcoming BBA Navajo Nation mission trip, upon my return. In the meantime, may God bless and keep you.

Bro. Jim