I am often asked, “What can be accomplished in a day?” It’s a valid question from our human perspective. After all, one day - 24 hours - is a rather brief period of time. Most problems people deal with take far more than one day to develop, and likely take longer to solve. Give us more time, we say. We need more time.

But from God’s perspective, so much can be accomplished in just one day. In a day God spoke the world into being. On another, a few days later, He created mankind.

One day, when heaven was full of His praises, Jesus was born. On yet another He died for our sin. And on the third day after that, He arose.

Closer to home, God may have been dealing with you over time, but one day you became convicted of your sinfulness and trusted Christ for salvation. And while your life in Christ is a journey, you live it out one day at a time.

So, from God’s point of view, one day holds extreme significance.

Have you guessed where I am going with this? One Day TXK, our one-day mission trip to Texarkana, is fast approaching. Since I first proposed this effort, many have asked, “What do you expect us to accomplish in just one day?” I tell them…

· For one day, people will see Southern Baptist Christians in Bowie and Miller counties working together to share Christ with their neighbors.

· For one day, people of all ages will have an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel through the block parties, fishing derbies, and other events.

· For one day, Christians who may not have really engaged their communities with the gospel will do so.

· For one day Christians will spend more time outside the church walls witnessing to unbelievers others rather than inside tending to believers.

My prayer through One Day TXK is that, once we see how God moves that day, the people in our churches will give themselves for ministry two, three, and even more days after that. It’s time we carried the church into the world, rather than wait for the world to come into the church.

Your churches should have promotional and registration information for One Day TXK. Mark the date, September 20th, 2014, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. If you require additional information, please contact Valerie Mills at the BBA office.

I look forward to serving with you during One Day TXK!

To His Glory!

Bro. Jim